Ravenna Colt Q&A on Never Nervous

Below is an excerpt from Never Nervous music blog’s interview with The Ravenna Colt, a.k.a. Johnny Quaid. They discuss his new album, Terminal Current, Van Halen and whether he has baked or knitted, among other things.

NN: What is the name The Ravenna Colt about? How did that come about? For that matter, how important is it for the name of the band or any other text (lyrics, etc.) to have an objective meaning?

JQ: I can vividly remember the story. I was traveling throughout the south working with a family from Iceland. We were giving horseback riding lessons and riding clinics. We had 10 horses that we traveled with. We were staying with a family in northern Florida and they had this old equestrian training book from the late 1800’s. I was reading through it, and there was a chapter in the book titled The Ravenna Colt. It was about a wild and untamable young horse from Ravenna, Ohio. There was something about not only the way the name looked written out, but the actual story itself was very fascinating and it stuck with me for years. I knew I had to use that at some point musically. For me it’s very important for my work to have objective meaning, but I like to leave room for interpretation as well.

NN: How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard you?

JQ: That is always a challenging question for any artist. Hmm … I like to say outlaw Americana. I feel like I’m drawn and always have connected with the music of Kentucky and the south. While it doesn’t sound like bluegrass or southern rock, I think those elements are there.

Full interview here.

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