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About Another 7 Astronauts

Another 7 Astronauts began as the recording project of Louisville, Ky., drummer and percussionist J.C. Denison. After Denison was approached to perform live, the project expanded into a large ensemble that included musicians from many of the city’s favorite bands (Lucky Pineapple, Softcheque, Invaders, OK Deejays, 23-String Band, OK Kino, solo artist Cheyenne Mize, etc.). In September 2010, the new incarnation performed atop GlassWorks, a nine-story glass blowing studio and art gallery, giving life to early A7A sketches. For the show, Denison recruited trombonist Dan Moore to help arrange and flesh out the songs. They continued to write together along with lyricist/vocalist Dane Waters.

In December 2010, more than 15 musicians entered The Funeral Home in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood to record A7A’s new album, The Golden Autumn and the Afternoon. Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, California Guitar Trio, Seluah) engineered the session, which ran three days and took up all three floors of the studio.

The Golden Autumn and the Afternoon captures the same energy A7A displayed on that first rooftop show. Throughout the album, the band weaves simple mantras with playful minimalism and childlike melodies. They mix traditional band instrumentation with toy pianos, steel drum, vibes and much more.

A7A continues to play live with a rotating lineup and a sound that never stops changing.

The Golden Autumn & the Afternoon is out now as a digital album as a co-release by Karate Body Records and AuralGAMI Sounds.

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