Wax Fang

wax fang

Led by singer and guitarist Scott Carney’s urgent voice and narrative prowess, Wax Fang’s Mirror, Mirror EP is a foray into the darker portals of the band’s musical imagination, where aural feeds visual and vice versa until the two are intertwined. “Mirror, Mirror” is a misadventure through a schizophrenic looking glass, where dysfunctional families sleep underwater and a telepathic preacher commands his congregation to raise their voices to the heavens in the name of Truth. The skin-and-bones punk energy of “White Kane” carries a seize-the-moment positivity, and nods to the band’s auspicious debut, Black And Endless Night, just long enough to let you know who you’re dealing with. “Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter” is a psych-pop potpourri about the dark forces closing in on you, about dismemberment and disembodiment, about having nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide and nothing but your tears to comfort you. The closing elegy “In Memory” floats in and out like a shadow, the ghostly mix of guitar, piano and doom-choir vocals serving as the song’s creepy highlight. Wax Fang’s appetite for sonic exploration has always yielded landmark music (La La Land, “The Astronaut Pt. 1”), with one foot rooted in the classic, the other in another galaxy. Now, the band has added an exciting chapter to its story.

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