Whistle Peak

whistle peak

Whistle Peak is pop music in disguise and experimentation at its core. It is music that takes you on a journey of the imagination, inhabiting fantastical lands while drawing from life experience. It is the particular phrased in the universal. It is children’s stories told by grown men. The music is upbeat and hypnotic, pulling you closer with each listen and surprising you with small amulets layered beneath continuous melody. Whistle Peak’s style combines folk and electronic music, blending synthetic and acoustic instrumentation with songs of love and loss, joy and darkness. Not to say these boys are downers, rather their songs are quite optimistic and redemptive, bringing a small smile to man, woman and child alike. Chill out, strap on some ear muffs and enter a world where nature rules and men and women are entranced in dream-filled slumber.

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