Second Story Man, "Second Story Man"
Second Story Man, "Second Story Man"

Second Story Man, "Second Story Man"

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Evan Bailey, Jeremy Irvin and Carrie Neumayer met each other as teenagers through Louisville’s underground punk/indie scene of the mid-1990s. They played music together in several projects before forming Second Story Man in the spring of 1998. The band spent the summer writing music together in Bailey’s parents’ basement and recorded two songs for a split EP with the Louisville band, The Helgeson Story.

A four-song EP Weddings, Parties, Sympathy followed in 2000 on Irvin’s own Landmark Recordings. The EP featured a new member, singer/songwriter/bass player Kelly Scullin. Second Story Man began to discover a signature sound: fuzzed out, ethereal indie pop, featuring four-part harmonies amid off-kilter time signature changes and moody dynamics.

In 2001, Scullin and Neumayer applied for and were awarded a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women to record and manufacture the band’s first full-length album, Pins And Needles, which was released in 2002. SSM toured the Eastern half of the United States frequently following the release, sharing stages with bands such as My Morning Jacket, Sebadoh and Of Montreal.

Scullin left the band in 2004 to pursue other interests and was replaced by bass player Justin Davis. SSM released a six-song EP, Red Glows Brighter on Landmark Recordings in April of 2006. During this era, SSM toured with Shipping News and opened for acts like Sleater-Kinney and The Gossip. SSM spent two years writing and recording their sprawling, lush sophomore full length, Screaming Secrets, in 2009 on Louisville indie label Noise Pollution. Just as the band was starting to find its stride once again, Davis left the group. Bailey, Irvin and Neumayer decided to take a break, and each explored other musical projects: Neumayer formed the bands Minnow and Julie of the Wolves, Irvin joined Whistle Peak and worked on a solo project, eremy•jirvin & the free=ends. Bailey joined Parlour on drums.

When Second Story Man eventually regrouped, Bailey, who had been SSM’s drummer, took up guitar and vocals and Irvin switched to bass. Neumayer continued her role with guitar and vocals. The new lineup also included longtime friend, drummer Drew Osborn (Old Baby, Workers/Your Black Star, The Helgeson Story). The band threw out all of its previous material and worked toward developing a new body of work focused on groove, heavy walls of guitar noise and lock-step vocal harmonies between Bailey and Neumayer. The band returned to the studio with longtime collaborator and friend Kevin Ratterman (Twin Limb, Wax Fang, Jim James) to engineer the new self titled album, Second Story Man.

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Past Press

“If The B-52s were a power pop band with loud guitars … they might (sound) something like Louisville, Kentucky’s Second Story Man.” —Baby Sue

“Just the sort of off-kilter punk rock that made Louisville famous oh-so-long ago. Second Story Man is more tuneful than its predecessors, but the eclectic (and generally bone-breaking) approach to these songs does ring a bell.” —Aided & Abetted

“SSM’s service of the song — no matter how different, harmonic or twangy it needs to be — is the band’s most refreshing characteristic.” —LEO Weekly  

“Screaming Secrets succeeds by finding a Beatles-esque middle way between the ultra-dynamic, river city indie of hometown greats like Slint and Rodan and the scrappy indie pop of early ’90s Chapel Hill bands like Superchunk and Polvo.” —Sweet Georgia Breezes

“At times, Second Story Man remind me of Ida; other times, they remind me of Liquorice. Mainly, though, Second Story Man’s sound is all their own.” —Rockstatic

“(Red Glows Brighter) is a rich, phenomenally engaging effort that is as imaginative and full of surprises as anything you’ll hear this year from the big-shot indie record labels.” —Cincinnati CityBeat

“If one of you big labels doesn’t latch into Second Story Man, 50 years from now, this band would still be listed by popular music historians as one of the best bands of the ’00s on the basis of Pins and Needles alone. Please, please, please pay attention to this band.”  —

“Plowing through wake left by bands such as Jejune, The Anniversary and Mineral, Second Story Man  … show off considerable talent and ingenuity on their first full-length Pins and Needles.” —Exoduster (Artist of the Month)

“Intertwining the delicate prettiness of The Softies, the dark & tricky architectures of Rainer Maria, the angst of Built To Spill, and the lush mystery of Pale Saints, … Second Story Man have been evolving their heavily vocal, multi-layered sound since coming together as a trio back in 1998.” —Rockbites

“Second Story Man … reminds me of nothing more than my college days, listening to late-night radio from the local college rock station, wondering about these groups and why I hadn’t heard of them before.” —Phantom Tollbooth

“‘Darlin’ Always Once’ sounds like a female version of the Beach Boys messing with the hair of the Stylistics, gorgeous harmonies collide with wide-eyed melodic innocence, a sugar-coated gem of a track; you just want to cuddle it to bits.” —Losing Today

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Second Story Man, "Second Story Man"